I have picked my favourite Etsy things this week…. First up, I love succulents and skulls so these skull planter pots are a no brainier. Number two, when I was little I loved spending my pocket money on pet rocks, something about those boogly eyes hot glued onto random rocks really hit me in the soft spot, my first pet rock was a chunk of amethyst, it was my lucky rock, until of course I lost it, I often wish I still had that rock so I could have it made into an awesome ring, I always lust after chunky imperfect amethyst rings. Well number three has red hair, tattooed and a beard, triple threat! All stitched up into one cute bundle of handmade goodness. Number four, handmade, leather, gold, ballet flats, enough said….

1. Skull planter – Brooklyn global $46 AUD 2. Amethyst Mountain stackable rings – luxdivine $98 AUD 3. Large hipster boyfriend doll – Blue Raspberry designs $92 4. Gold leather ballet flats – Erin Bonnie $126