This may sound crazy but I am detoxing my lips, for as long as I can remember I have been lathering on lip balm, and for the same amount of time my lips have been peeling.

It all started with the trusty Lip Smackers, and then the Body Shop lip balm, then of course Paw Paw Ointment, and I have recently started trying out Burt’s Bees, I use all of these different products in order to hydrate my lips in a hope that they will not peel, but every second day here I am rubbing off  a layer of skin.

I’m not sure how common this problem is but it has started to annoy me lately, so of course, I was complaining to Mark, when he said when he wore balm his lips peeled too. It made me wonder whether it is just a cycle of over hydrating or was I allergic to something in all these products, so I have embarked on a lip detox. No lip balm or lipstick just naked lips, I’m going to aim on two weeks to see if it improves or not, so far my lips have peeled less, but they are taking a little bit of getting used to, this is day four and my lips have a kinda lip burn tang to them, today they had some dry patches so I put a blob of honey on my finger, dipped it in sugar and rubbed in a circular motion to exfoliate them and it worked a charm, I will report back with my result and if you have peeling lips then try a detox and let me know how it works out for you or what you have done to help your lips….

Okay, so I have a progress report, after not wearing any lip gloss, my lips didn’t improve, I did however realise how much I lick my lips, in all my research I had stumble across lip licking as a possible cause to peeling lips, but I actually didn’t think I licked my lips quite a much as I do, I am back on the paw paw ointment, and I’m making a conscious effort not to lick my lips, and I have had a massive improvement in my lip condition….