Okay, So I have waited a while to blog about this…. But I have had botox…. I have suffered from migraines since I hit puberty, I remember the first migraine I had, it all started with pins and needles in my little finger, I didn’t know what was about to hit me at the time, but I felt off, I was 13, I mentioned to my Mum that I had pins and needles in my finger, we both agree I must have slept on it funny, by the time I walked from my room to the kitchen the pins and needles had spread up my arm and in a confused daze I walked into the pantry, I wasn’t really sure what was happening but I was curious as this strange feeling that was taking over me. I decided to make my breakfast, so I reached for the milk but the harsh sensation that hit my fingers and shoot up my arm was impossible to ignore, I again mentioned to my Mum, but we looked over it, I reached for a spoon and my fingers felt like they were touching a spoon but nothing was in my hand, then the pins and needles had reached my face, this strange feeling of a cold face, but just down one side, it then spread to my nose, and it felt like my nose was running so I went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and one side of my face had dropped, the pins and needles was now in my throat and tongue, I tried to swallow but my throat was numb, half of my face was paralysed, numb and tingling, I started to drool, chunks of my vision was replaced with white space, I started to panic, I yelled out to my Mum, but I couldn’t talk, just yell a drooling mess of fearful words, I started crying, thinking maybe I would always be like this, Mum came running, by the time she reached me I was on the floor crying, drooling and trying to explain what was happening, she started panicking, yelling for my dad, after 10 mins it was all over and within 30 mins it hit me, the most insane pain I have ever felt splitting through my head.

For years I have tried to find the cure, I have learnt to deal with the aura and the migraines a lot better but they have interfered with my life so much, at one stage I couldn’t even talk about migraines in the fear it would bring an episode on, I tried eliminating food from my diet, changing pills, drinking more water, quitting coffee, you name it I have tried it, the last migraine I had I was sitting in the bathroom crying, I just wanted it to be over, at this stage I was getting them weekly, I tried daily medication but the side effects were too much, I came across botox as a migraine treatment after a long hard google and I booked the next available appointment, I didn’t have high hopes. The results have been amazing, it has now been three months since my last migraine or headache, not to mention how much I am enjoying a wrinkle free forehead.

So here is my low down, Botox is not scary, it doesn’t really hurt, it has stopped my migraines, it has cleared up my wrinkles and yes if I didn’t have migraines I think I would still get it done for the beautiful polished forehead. If you have any questions, happy to answer them at