So I have been rather quiet this week. At the start of the week I decided to start riding to work I have a 25km return journey each day with long hills, I started out with your typical ladies retro step through bike although it has 5 gears it weighs in at a heavy 18kgs and lugging it to the other side of the city every day up the hills was killing me softly, needless to say I have ended the week with a nifty little Reid commuter.

Reid Cycles – Ladies Esprit Bike $399.99

I have been busy reading cycling blogs at night to pick up tips and tricks to polish my skills, and because I don’t have all this lovely spare time in the morning and afternoon on the City Cat to blog, everything has been on the back burner. But I want to share with you my cycling journey.

My cycling journey every day starts with a hill, a long hill with lots of streets but once you have reached the top of the hill you have a lovely zip down the hillside along the Brisbane river, the rest of the journey is up and down and mostly bike paths. The first day was painful, awkward and hard work, I naively rode to work in a lovely mod dress on my first day cycling.

Rule Number One – Wear bike clothes (better known as ‘active wear‘), they’re not called bike pants for nothing.

On the way home my lovely mint vintage inspired bike was cracking under the pressure of the hilly, bumpy commute and my chain came off three times, hence the new bike.

Rule Number Two Rule – Know how to put your chain back on.

Rule Number Three Rule – Always carry baby wipes.

Everyday has been a little easier and faster. My new bike has given me substantial time savings, I’m getting home in 35 minutes now, my first day riding was close to 50 minutes, my legs have been sore as hell, I have been way out of my comfort zone but I have push past it, to actually love riding.

Rule Number Four – Get yourself a bike fit for the purpose.

Rule Number Five – Keep going.

I have cut my commute time in half and the savings on public transport and gym memberships is well over $2000 a year, so many more dresses to buy now. Here is what else I have learnt, If you have front and back brakes then use your back brakes to slow your bike down and your front brakes to actually stop yourself, anticipate hills and change your gears before you need to, always keep it easier rather then harder when it comes to gears, make sure you have your seat up high enough it makes riding a hell of a lot easier, you should be able to reach the ground on your tip toes the higher the better, get the right size frame for your height, get your bike serviced by a qualified bike mechanic.

Enjoy riding.