1. People will disappoint you…. I still struggle with this one, but friends, family and loved one will disappoint you. This is an unfortunate combination of the expectations you have of them and their ability to meet them and things don’t always meet in the middle.

2. Pick a good husband…. You are going to be bunked up with them for awhile, share a bed, possibly make another human with them, cry on their shoulder when everything falls apart, use their toothbrush when you forget yours and consider their weird family your own. Don’t settle for less then perfect.

3. Life is stressful…. The big things to you are often little things to others or heck even first world problems. Stress and anxiety are no ones friend and if you think all of your problems have started to define you as a person it might be worthwhile talking to a professional, don’t we all just want to be happy?

4. Kids are your everything because they take everything from you…. Having a baby is a massive adjustment, for you, your mind, your relationship and they aren’t going anywhere. Let you child get to know you flaws and all, because one day they are going to realise you are a human also.

5. You should break up with friends…. We all have those friends, you know the one, the one that makes you feel like shit, question all of you choices and just bring you down. Being friends with people that don’t grow with you, actually stop you from growing.

6. Do something you love…. Whether it is your work or hobby, on a weekly or daily basis if you can manage it.

7. Exercise…. Yes, move your body, you have it for life, why not have a good one.

8. Wine always makes everything better…. Or gin

9. You can always change….

10. Botox….