Burgers, burgers, burgers…. Are you all sick of hearing about burgers yet? We jumped in the car and headed to Byron on the weekend, to check out The Farm which was amazing and hopefully we can head back again another time maybe in the morning when Winnie is in better spirits, she really wasn’t feeling the whole idea of trudging around looking at animals, in fact the idea of a real pig petrified her, no farm girls here….

It wasn’t out intention to eat burgers since we had them for dinner the night before, I will update you on that burger next, it was epic…. Anyway we stumbled across this great looking little burger place on Jonson Street in Byron and before you know it Mark and I are craving that pickle goodness…. Well, Main Street Burger Bar didn’t disappoint, perfect pickle ratio, crunchy lettuce, tomato relish, mustard and a great soft burger bun, Mark and I thought it was amongst one of the best we have tried, and no brioche, yay…. If you are in Byron check these guys out, great fit out, perfect friendly service and delicious burgers all at a reasonable price…

If you want to see our Byron trip then head over to our vlog post