So, I have cleared out my wardrobe…. I try to do this every season, I try to stick to a minimalist wardrobe, sometimes it is hard to cull your wardrobe down, so here is the method to my madness…
Three months ago I hung up every dress and top I owned, each morning I worked through my wardrobe in the order it was hung, some days I didn’t feel like wearing whatever what waiting next so I skipped to the next in line. If for whatever reason I skipped an item for three days in row I folded it up and put it in a draw, what I realised after three months is that I have no colour left in my wardrobe – it had all be folded and put away. So I decided to stick to a monochromatic wardrobe with the exception of denim, I now only have black, grey, white or denim items in my wardrobe and for some reason it feels so right.
In light of my new concept, I needed some new additions. I have discovered a new little website called Tobi and I have to say my absolute favourite item in my wardrobe right now is the denim jacket I got from Tobi it looks awesome with a dress and tights and perfectly finishes jeans and a T-shirt. I also got two black dresses which I love because you can throw on some tights and boots when it is cooler and you’re good to go. All of the items I received from Tobi fitted perfectly, were true to size and great value plus Tobi has free shipping to Australia #yay see below for each of the items.



DRESS // Ties she goes again black shift dress $37AUD – Tobi
GLASSES // Limelight glasses in honey tortoise $95SUD – Bespecd
RING // Green skies of rio $176AUD – Angle Diamond Dot
LIPSTICK // Matt balm 240 (colour)  $24AUD- Revlon




DRESS // Alecia black shift dress $38AUD



JACKET // Lost nights denim jacket $51AUD – Tobi
JEANS // Watching waiting wishing $190AUD – Sass & Bide
SHIRT // Vivian cotton shirt $29AUD – Cotton On