So I have been trying just about everything lately with my skin. My skin has been really oily so I have changed my skincare routine to try and resolve the issue. I decided to try out a new skincare brand called asap, that I discovered on Facial Co – an Australian owned and operated online skincare shop, they have plenty of amazing brands with free shipping Australia wide.

First stop a daily cleanser! I have been using the asap daily facial cleanser, it is oil free and has a lovely soft scent to it. My skin felt clean without bring dry and the cleanser removed the excess oil nicely without having to follow up with a toner. I have been cleaning my face morning and night with this cleanser and it is lovely and gentle especially in these cooler months when I find my skin is slightly sensitive.

asap daily facial cleanser $34.50

Next stop a face scrub! This exfoliating scrub has biodegradable micro beads so you can rest assured you’re not washing Β all that nasty plastic into the ocean, this is the first facial scrub I have used since the micro bead topic went viral. I was really pumped to reintroduce an exfoliating scrub back into my skincare routine. Removing that layer of dead skin has done wonders for my face, this scrub perfectly polishes your skin without being harsh or too gritty. I have been using this scrub weekly to avoid really stimulating my skin to produce more oil.

asap daily exfoliating facial scrub $34.50

Moisturise that skin! I feel like it is completely crazy to recommend this step after complaining about my oily skin and I don’t even know what made me do it to start with, but I have been applying rosehip oil morning and night and it has done wonders!!! Seriously amazing! In combination with a really gentle cleanser and a scrub my pores have really reduced in size, my skin isn’t as oily and my face is so silky and smooth. I can’t recommend this combination enough. I have been using the Thursday Plantation Rosehip Oil that I got from the pharmacy.

But wait theres more! This little bad boy has been enlisted to fight those fine lines around my eyes, yes they’re sneaking up on me these days! The asap Advanced Eye Complex has been making my eyes feel as fresh as daisies morning and night. Packed full of all the good stuff like Retinol and white tea to revitalise and provide antioxidant action on that delicate skin around the eyes. I have been loving this product and I at least feel like I am doing my part to fight those fun little crows feet.

asap advanced eye complex $47.78